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Local SEO

We have been a leading company in local SEO for many business owners. Since the release of "Google Instant", local seo has changed drastically. Rankings now combine themselves between your Google Place Page, and your organic search results ranking, to get a final ranking. What does this mean? Well it means that organic SEO rankings can decide how far up you rank for a keyword with "Place Page Listings". We are masters at both, which makes Rethink Networks a real solution to new customer traffic for your company.

How do I know if my companies sale search terms hold enough traffic to make a profit?

It is almost guaranteed that any company looking for new customers via the web can generate enough traffic with SEO to make you decide that the ROI on our services is well worth it. In the event your business happens to have very low searches per month we offer multiple solutions to still reach your traffic goals and ROI. Discuss any concerns you have with one of our owners.

I have a business in Miami Florida, will you cover the keywords for the surrounding cities too?

We are very flexible here, keyword choosing, keyword swapping and adding keywords to your list at any given time can be addressed. We are confident 100% in our ability to rank your website, so you will understand when we do not obligate you to sign contracts for extended months, or restrict keywords you desire. We will reach out to any keyword and local targeting, our goal is to help your business grow as much as possible.

I want to be letter A on the Google Local Maps

These are now referred to as a companies "Place Page". These pages are listed with letters next to them, to represent their position in the place listings. If you have not verified your business with its Place Page via phone pin or address letter, we can do so once you are a client. Once your place page is verified we will optimize it to get the highest rankings, along with the local SEO service we provide to your website. As mentioned above, keywords with the place page listings now rank based on the quality of your Place Page optimization AND organic SEO search results. Our local SEO company covers all the bases and gets it done quickly so you see results today and not tomorrow. The right choice is going with the best local seo company and choose Rethink Networks to get the traffic and customer sales your looking for.